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Havana Net Curtain

Havana Net Curtain

FROM: £2.50

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A Stuninng Contemporary Net Curtain with Modern Square details throughout.  

With the Revolutionary Ezipleat concept, can be hung conventionally giving a tradional ruched gathering or use the Ezipleat technique to achieve a comtemporary pleated look.  Both styles use either a rod or net wire.  

What is Ezipleat ?
The Ezipleat heading has holes on the reverse of the rod pocket at regular intervals.  The pole or wire is threaded through alternate holes creating a modern, fresh, perfectly hung look.

Comes with a slot top heading ready for wire or rods.

Colours Available   White  
100% polyester
Hand wash Only
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Price per Meter
27" £2.50
33" £2.50
36" £2.75
40" £2.99
42" £3.25
45" £3.30
48" £3.49
54" £3.55
60" £3.99
63" £4.40
72" £4.65
81" £4.80
90" £5.35







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